Consultation over Skype/Zoom (60 mins)


Want to start your own online business and don’t know where to start?

Are you aware of the opportunities and risks that come with each business model?

We are ready to help you create the right business model, implement it properly and establish a healthy online business that will last for years!

Consultation service is provided over Skype or Zoom (or phone) meeting.

Following areas might be covered during the consultation upon the recipient’s interest:

  • Shopify (Setup, themes, optimization, capabilities)
  • Dropshipping (AliExpress + Oberlo, Amazon)
  • Payment gateways and channels
  • Global business (Establishing company in the US, Estonia or home country)
  • Content Marketing (Keyword research, on-page SEO)
  • Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate networks, e-mail marketing, funnels)
  • Digital Marketing (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords)

Note: Skype meeting will be scheduled within a week time after the purchase.

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