September 8, 2017

Migrating to Shopify

Do you have an existing online business? Do you feel that your current platform does not fulfill the requirements of today’s world and users’ expectations?

We strongly advise migrating your existing online store to Shopify platform for those willing to invest and grow their online businesses and stay ahead of the competition.

If you are not sure of Shopify, please read our detailed post on why should you migrate to Shopify, where we’ve compiled all the strengths as well as weaknesses of Shopify.

Smooth Migration Service

Even your existing online store has a low number of visitors, it is important to make the migration smooth and with the minimum pause.

Migrating to a new platform requires good planning and timely execution.

It is not only about downtime. Without correct mapping of old and new page address structures, you may risk valuable search engine ranking.

Migration also provides the opportunity to make significant changes (e.g. collection structure, new design) you were planning for a long time.

LabOrange expertise provides smooth migration and lets you utilize this chance to step up your online business further.
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