September 8, 2017

Digital Marketing

The era of “I created such a great product that it will sell itself without marketing” is closed. We are in the digital marketing era now!

You may have a great team, products, customer service or infrastructure. But, all matters when you are able to sell. Sales process in the digital world consists of the smart combination of pull, push, marketing and retention strategies.

Depending on the industry, size of the company and the budget available, there is always a digital marketing solution ready for you to implement:

SEO for eCommerce Services

Search engine optimization for eCommerce sites is often underestimated and neglected. We believe SEO for eCommerce is a great opportunity to reduce customer acquisition costs on both paid advertising and organic traffic sources.

The LabOrange team is the expert on on-page SEO and content marketing to help you grow incoming organic traffic that converts to sales without any marketing spend!

Google Adwords Optimization Services

For the users not experienced in Google Adwords, it is like a black hole which is ready to eat all of your marketing budget in days of time.

Smart and effective implementation of Adwords campaigns will lower your paid advertising budget and increase conversion rate. Math is simple. If you decrease per click cost 20% and increase conversion rate from 1% to 2%, your revenue will be 2.5 times of what it was before!

LabOrange has 15+ years of experience in Google Adwords and provides paid advertising consultancy combined with Google Analytics, Retargeting and Remarketing strategies.

Facebook Ad Setup and Scaling Up

Facebook is the rising star of the paid advertising channels. It’s a great platform for razor-sharp targeting according to your audience and generates positive ROI ad business quickly.

Our ad experts are ready to help set up your Facebook ad account, test for positive ROI for the products and scale up winner products to create the highest return on marketing investment.