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eCommerce Services

As a Shopify Partner, we work only on Shopify projects to utilize our eCommerce and Shopify platform expertise at best.
eCommerce Onboarding

Do you want to enter online business world and start earning through eCommerce?

You don’t have technical expertise or just want to start fast and effective?

LabOrange sets up your Shopify powered online store with best practices applied and gets you ready to sell.

Learn more about eCommerce onboarding services.

Migration to Shopify

Do you currently have an eCommerce site running on another platform and want to migrate to Shopify?

It’s a right decision and 500,000+ online stores worldwide prove that Shopify is the best commerce platform of today and tomorrow.

LabOrange experts help you smoothly migrate to Shopify.

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Digital Marketing

It’s great to have an online business but you need increasing sales figures as well.

In this highly competitive world, effective usage of both organic and paid digital marketing is essential for survival as well as growth.

From SEO to paid advertising, affiliate marketing, we help businesses increase traffic that converts to sales!

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Advanced Strategies

eCommerce world is endless in terms of areas of improvements. We practice most effective strategies considering time and value you gain.

LabOrange focuses on conversion optimization, e-mail marketing, loyalty building and also operational processes like customer service and supply chain management.

Learn more about advanced strategies we provide.

Stay ahead of competition and boost your eCommerce revenues by LabOrange expertise!

Why are we Shopify Partner?

As eCommerce experts, we would like to provide the best solution for our clients.
Shopify is a complete solution for building a commerce business.

Although there are many different eCommerce platforms available, we chose to focus only on Shopify to maximize our clients' benefit from our services.

Shopify is being used by more than 500,000 online stores worldwide. It's simply the #1 cloud based eCommerce platform.

More importantly, Shopify provides best-in-class practices, infrastructure and expert network for starting a new eCommerce business or improving an existing one.

With continuous improvements, Shopify always stays ahead of competition and enables us using the newest technology and commerce trends.

For the complete list of why we prefer Shopify over any other platform, have a look at the Why Shopify page.

  • Secure and Reliable

    Every minute, even second your eCommerce site is down will cost you a loss. Shopify is a reliable cloud-based platform with %99.99 uptime guarantee and free SSL certificate.

  • Fully Customizable

    With wide range of professional theme options and customizable source codes, Shopify provides highly customizable online store with easy to use interface. Moreover, you don't need any design or coding skill to use all these.

  • Multiple Channels

    Every additional channel to sell your products will increase your earnings. Shopify provides multiple channels like Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest or simply adding a buy button to your personal blog.

  • Worldwide Payment Options

    Shopify provides own payment services and also supports 70+ external payment gateways. Whether it is credit card, PayPal or bitcoin, there are plenty of payment options all over the world.

Contact for Consultation

We are currently available for new clients. Contact us and let’s see how we can help improve your presence in eCommerce world and increase sales figures!